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EJAMI CRASH INTO ME / Miss Scarlett67




I was disheartened, constantly downtrodden and seldom knew what to do….yet I continually laughed through all of my fears…. I wonder who I fooled….

Often rejected and disrespected, to me this was nothing new….Though I stood out in a crowd because I laughed so loud, I wonder who I fooled….

Used, abused and somewhat confused and all the while my pain grew….still I covered it with a grin praying new soul's I'd win, I wonder who I fooled….

Lonely, disturbed, had long since lost my nerve and life's meaning seldom came into view…but, I disguised it with endless chatter, so it wouldn't seem to matter, I wonder who I fooled…..

Constantly put down then kicked around and left feeling my life just couldn't be true….so, I tried a new ploy and said "Count it all Joy," I wonder who I fooled….

Disconnected, discontented, and sometimes demented…while disguising my life's zoo….living in total hypocrisy….while settling for mediocrity….I wonder who I fooled…..

Yet through it all I survive, still wondering why I'm alive, chasing the ghosts of who knows who…while running from myself…. by focusing on someone else, I wonder who I fooled….

But the hurt cuts too deep, and a river I'd weep until my face was swollen, red and blue….and, in the morning I'd rise with clear hazel eyes, I wonder who I fooled….

Then one day I got radical crying FATHER I need a miracle, something fresh as the morning dew….And, when I opened my eyes, quite to my surprise, for my miracle the FATHER sent me YOU….

Then GOD said fall on your face…. Cover yourself in my grace….then suddenly I knew….. I hadn't fooled the FATHER or the SON, I hadn't fooled the HOLY SPIRIT and somehow I knew…. I wouldn't fool you…….

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